First Day in Antigua

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Antigua is purely awesome. The streets are cobblestone, the buildings are no more than one story high, the people are friendly, the food is delicious, and everywhere you turn there is a beautiful church or old ruin to be admired.


We moved hostels in the morning because we weren’t exactly sure when we booked how long we would stay or if the area we choose on line was good, etc. In the morning we got bagels at a cool expat style cafe and the food was great as well as the scenery. It was close to the central park which sits in the middle of Antigua and has a gorgeous fountain with great trees and benches for relaxing out reading. After our bagels we set out to explore the city.


We stopped into a few tour companies to get an idea of prices and timing for various activities around the country. We wanted to get a better sense of how to plan our next two weeks here. You can read a lot online and plan in that sense but our experience has been it is better to talk to people once you are here to help gauge the best plan. We then went to the chocolate museum which isn’t really a museum but we got free samples of delicious chocolate so that was cool. After that we walked into some churches and around the city some more before settling on a bench in the park and reading.

We ate some tacos and quesadillas for dinner and then went out for some drinks and dancing. We are really loving this city and are excited to explore for a couple more days before trekking around the country to see what other adventures we can stumble upon.

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