Granada the Healer

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We started with a 12:45pm bus from our remote location on Ometepe Island to Altagracia. In Altagracia we switched to a bus which took us to Moyogalpa so we could catch a ferry to San Jorge. We arrived to the ferry by 3pm after two hours of taking buses around the island and it started to rain heavily. We toughed it out on the deck of the ferry under some cover because the thought of being in the lower cabin made us nauseous enough. We thought fresh air would be better.

The old school buses used for public transportation

The old school buses used for public transportation

The ferry took an hour to get to San Jorge and we were only a little soaked by the rain. Once we were back on the mainland we grabbed a cab which drove us to Rivas, a central bus station only a few minutes from where our ferry docked. In Rivas we were told there were no more buses going to Granada as we missed the last one which left at 4:15pm. So we got on a bus headed to Managua and then got off halfway through and grabbed a second bus to Granada.

By the time we arrived it was 7pm, we were feeling super sick, we hadn’t eaten in hours, and we just wanted to lie down. Two buses to a ferry and a cab to two more buses and we had arrived. Basically as soon as we checked in Zev started throwing up and I felt some sickness coming on. Let’s just say we had a difficult night of illness. We locked ourselves in our room and didn’t leave until morning. When I woke up the next day I was feeling very sick and Zev was still recovering. We ended up switching hostels to have more privacy and AC because I was not doing so well. We aren’t sure if we caught a bug or just had severe dehydration but it felt like I was running a small fever and we knew we just had to relax (preferably in a room with AC).

Nothing else exciting happened in Granada and we had plans to meet a friend the next day in Leon. Waking up on Saturday I felt much better so we called Granada our healer and set off at 8am for our final Nicaraguan destination, Leon.

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