Nursing Our Wounds

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Feeling sore and sorry for ourselves we hung around the hostel in the morning using the internet and hanging out on the couches in the restaurant. It hurt to even stand up and sit down so we were talking it easy.

We heard about a great natural reserve just a five minute walk from our place so around noon we walked over to check it out. There was an entrance fee and it was much more established than I had anticipated. The park is called Cerro Tzanjukil and it has great lookout spots as well as a nice short hike up to a Mayan monument of sorts. We didn’t make it up the mountain due to our soreness but we walked down to the water where there is great swimming and a dock you can jump off of, about thirty feet high. Zev jumped off and we swam for a little bit until we went on a hunt for food.


We heard about a great Japanese restaurant that was hidden in San Marcos but worth the adventure to find. On our way there we bought guacamole off a street vendor and snacked before our meal. We followed some guidance from the internet and walked around through a football field and back out, down an alley way, and we found the spot. Unfortunately, it was closed for the month so we stopped into some cafe and got a sandwich instead.

In the evening we had signed up for the famous Mayan sauna and it did not disappoint. It is heated by wood fire and is a small stone structure located in the back of our hostel. We climbed in through a tiny door and laid on the stone benches soaking up the heat and sweating a lot, of course. We spent an hour in the sauna nursing our sore muscles back to health before going out for dinner.


The food has been really great here with a lot of variety and really distinct flavors. After dinner we ended up watching a movie and heading to bed excited to move to our fancy airbnb on the lake early the next day.

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