Vietnamese Cooking Class

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At about the in the afternoon we meet our chef and headed out to a Vietnamese Cooking class. We got on bikes and rode to the local market to pick out could for our cooking class.


We meet a few vendors and saw where the locals shop for food. There was a lot of fish and some really interesting fruits and vegetables that we don’t have in the states like starfruit, dragonfruit, bamboo shoots, passionfruit, bitter melon, and a lot of fish I could not readily identify. After the market we rode or bikes through fields and fields of rice to get to an organic farm where our class would take place. The girls smelled of rice which I find to be fascinating and the scenery was beautiful. You could feel the ocean breeze but see mountains Ali while riding through bright green fields of rice.

We got to the farm and were greeted for our outdoor cooking class. They handed us cool towels and water with lemongrass and basil. The first dish we conquered wasn’t food but rather was learning to make decorative for for dishes. We made roses out of tomatoes and flowers out if carrots.


The menu is below as well as pictures.

Fried spring roll made with shredded veggies and rice paper. Rolled together and cooked in vegetable oil.

Vietnamese scallion pancake with tofu or chicken cooked over a skillet and topped with cucumber and mint. Rolled in rice paper.

Papaya salad (no idea what was in this).

Eggplant curry with eggplant, ginger, scallions, and sauce.

Sauteed spinach. White rice. Fried anchovies.

Passionfruit with sugar.

After the class we rode back to our hostel and then went in the pool, hung out, showered, and then went out to some local bars for drinking and dancing.

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