WordPress: Paginate Posts Within Category

In Wordpress Tutorials by Laura

On my blog I have a number of different sections that don’t always relate to each other. Wordpress categorizes all of these as simply “posts” and unless you add some customization – the on page pagination from post to post can be misleading.

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WordPress: Turn off Auto Scrolling Google Maps

In Wordpress Tutorials by Laura

I am using the event calendar pro plugin from tribe events on my client’s wordpress site. It is an awesome way to display events on your wordpress site and they allow for very specific customizations. Their support team is great and there is a huge online community available to help when things get buggy.

WordPress: Menu Item Without Link

In Wordpress Tutorials by Laura

This is one of the first things I learned how to do in Wordpress. There are all sorts of plugins that will say they can do this for you but I tend to believe that the fewer plugins you have installed the better off you will be.