DIY: Quotes on Canvas

In DIY by Laura

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

I don’t remember where I saw these adorable canvas quotes but as soon as I did I knew I needed to create one. This was a pretty simple project and really fun!

Supplies needed:

  • Canvases (desired size)
  • Paint
  • Sticker letters
  • White spray paint

Step 1: Begin by taking your canvases and painting them with all sorts of colors. You can change this up and paint an actual picture behind the canvas or by pasting a collage. Feel free to get creative because the design will only be shown through the letters at the end.

2013-01-27 22.06.57

Step 2: When the paint had mostly dried stick the letters you want on the canvas. I chose this excerpt from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote

2013-01-27 22.24.19

Step 3: Make sure the letters are secure on the canvas and spray with white spray paint. I found that a few of my letters blew off from the force of the spray paint and I would suggest trying white paint if you have that lying around. The spray paint was definitely a quick solution as it does not need as many layers as regular white paint would.

2013-01-27 22.26.24

Step 4: Let the canvas dry and then peel off the letters one by one.

2013-01-27 22.35.53

When complete your canvas should look something like this. I love the contrast of the colors and how bold they look against the white background. I gifted this piece to my boo Michelle for her 23rd birthday.

2013-01-27 22.42.30

I made a second one as well and gave it to my sister Marisa for her birthday. They both seemed to love the gift! Also, this was my first ever instagram so shoutout to Andrew for making me sign up for that social media account.

2013-02-02 13.33.00