We Made a Bench!

In DIY by Laura

Remember Kate? How I said she could do everything? I was not lying.

Kate and I moved in together in Santa Barbara in late April. We lived in a house with a very cute nook and decided we would build a cute bench to live in the very cute nook. So Sunday morning we ventured off to the local hardware store and picked up a few things and then went to the fabric store from there. Once we had all of our supplies we sat down at home and got to work. It did not take very long at all but you will need to have the right equipment.

Supplies needed:

  • Drill
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Wood slab(desired size)
  • Wood strips (for support)
  • Pillow Stuffing
  • Plain white fabric
  • Patterned fabric
  • 4 Table legs (home depot)
  • 4 Top plates (home depot)

We began by speaking with one of employees at Home Depot. We told him what we wanted to do and asked for suggestions on which type of wood we should buy. He suggested a thicker piece since we would be sitting on the bench. We definitely wanted stability so we went with the type he suggested although I cannot remember the exact name of the wood. The employees in lumber cut the large slab to our exact measurements. We had a few odd pieces left over and we just stuck those in our garage. We also picked up some standard 2×2 planks to drill into the flat piece of wood.

Next we bought the four table legs (they come in various heights so just choose the appropriate height for your space) and we bought the top plates to compliment the legs. We then drove to the fabric store and bought some fabric we loved, pillow stuffing for the bench cushion, and just plain white fabric to help secure the stuffing.

Once at home we got to work!

Step 1: Drill the planks into the base of your bench. You should have one piece of wood on all sides so that the edges of the bench are thicker than the standard base. This is important for when you install the legs.

Step 2: Using a staple gun, staple the pillow stuffing to the top of the bench. We did a few layers of this for extra comfort.

Step 3: Pull the plain white fabric over the stuffing and around the planks of wood you just drilled in. Staple this down with your staple gun. This should be pulled very tightly so to not have any bunched up fabric when you put on your desired fabric pattern. It does not have to be done perfectly as nobody will be seeing the bottom or the inside.

Step 4: Once you have completed the white fabric, repeat this step with the desired fabric pattern you purchased. This should also be pulled as tightly as possible and secured with a staple gun.

Step 5: Drill in the top plates to the four corners of your bench. You will see that the table legs come with screws attached to the top and that the top plates have the perfect layout so that you can simply screw in the legs with no additional work.

Step 6: Screw the legs into the top plates and make sure they are secure. Once you are done with that you have finished your bench!


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