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Definition: Friends eating Thanksgiving dinner together made out of pizza during the holiday of Hanukah.

Meet Eli.

Eli first joined the Belinfante clan for Thanksgiving in the year 2012. History was made. We now call it our annual tradition (insert ironic line about whether or not we will give thanks together in 2014). We had a joyous time in 2012 filled with a lot of family plus turkey plus Eli. This year we decided to do it all over again minus the family and the turkey.

A lot has changed since Thanksgiving 2012. I moved from Santa Barbara to New York and Eli moved from San Francisco to Detroit. We decided to be reunited in New York this year for Thanksgiving 2013. Eli had the grand idea of doing pizza for dinner. Aaron was our gracious host and Eli decided on the menu. We made six pizzas total and I discovered my new all time favorite cheese – Goat Gouda. My favorite pizza was the goat cheese, corn, beet, sweet potato, and lime pizza.

2013-11-28 21.49.11

2013-11-28 21.49.47