Lucius at the Bowery Ballroom

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I am still swooning over this amazing duo, Lucius. The two members, Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe are captivating. Their live performance pulls you in and makes you wish it would never end. If you can see them live – please do.

Talia and I went to their show on Saturday night at the Bowery Ballroom. Paul Krugman was also in attendance and his review basically sums up my entire view of the night:

“Wow. I think that may have been the best musical performance of any kind I’ve ever seen… [w]hat you can’t quite get from the videos is the sheer joyousness of the whole thing — the band’s energy, the obvious fun they’re having, the rapport with the audience. At the end of the set the band moved out to do two songs — “two of us on the run” and John Lennon’s Happy Xmas — standing in the middle of the audience, and it was like a benediction.”

Below are some of my favorite lyrics from their song, Turn it Around.

She felt comatose waiting for this thing to grow
She’s impatient ’cause she wants it now and so it shows
She can’t be bothered by the ties that bind her
She’s seen ivy when it strangles everything it holds
She’s looking through the wrong end
She’s looking through the wrong end
She’s looking through the wrong end of her telescope
Turn it around, turn it around