A Day at Playa Maderas

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We woke up around 8am after a very good night of sleep. It was pouring rain outside but we remained firm in our plan to spend the day at the beach. We checked out of our hostel and set out to find a new hostel closer to the beach with a more social atmosphere. We had checked out a few different places the night before and had our sights set on a place called Pachamama which was close to the beach and had a bar and pool.

They were able to check us in for the night so we walked over to the beach and had a nice morning swim before setting out to Playa Maderas. The beach in San Juan del Sur was very fun but we had heard that Playa Maderas was a short drive away and had a much more relaxed feel to it. We decided to check it out since we had already spent some time at the beach in SJDS.

We took an open air truck drive to the beach. It was just a pickup up truck with benches and bars put in the back so that people could sit and have something to hold onto. Playa Maderas was much smaller and way more relaxing. There were a ton of rocks but we managed to find a small patch of sand to lay out on. It was really fun to watch the surfers throughout the day there. The waves were huge and some of the people surfing were extremely impressive. Even going into the water just swimming was difficult because of the strong current and massive waves.

After spending the day there we headed back to town where we swam in the pool at our hostel, got drinks at happy hour, watched the sunset, and then went for dinner.



Tomorrow we are going to Ometepe Island where we expect to do some kayaking and volcano sighting.

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