Sunrise Over Nha Trang

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We arrived in Nha Trang at 3:30am. We were dropped on the side of the road and we all sorry of looked at each other and said… alright so what now? Then a cab magically appeared out of nowhere. We think one of the shop owners around must have called because there was a man sort of lurking around us. We took the cab to our airbnb. We decided to splurge for our last two nights in Vietnam and we booked an airbnb on the beach. Check in wasn’t until 2pm so we had a good 11 hours to kill. We put our stuff in the lobby of the airbnb apartment building, against their will, and set out for the beach.

By this point it was almost 5:00am and sunrise was at 5:30am. I have never seen more people awake at 5am in my life. The beach was completely packed with people and everyone was running into the water for a sunrise swim. I don’t know if it is like that every morning but it was quite the scene. We took some pictures, went for a swim, and then rented padded lounge chairs on the sand. The chairs were $2/day so we each got one and tried to sleep/nap/chill.

2016-07-13 06.12.26

2016-07-13 06.12.08

At 9am we were allowed to meet our airbnb for check in and they actually let us into the room earlier than we thought they would. After hanging around for a few minutes we went to grab some coffee and head back to the beach. Shosh and I stopped for a quick hair braiding session, she got one side of her head braided and it looks really great. I got a small Brady’s in the back of my hair with some rainbow string braided in. We went back to the beach and lounged around there until it was an acceptable time for lunch. We were awake so early and by 11am we honestly felt like it was 5pm.

2016-07-13 07.45.47

Lunch kept getting delayed and we were all on different eating and snacking schedules but we ultimately decided we wanted to try this mineral mud bath that is very well known in Nha Trang. We hailed a cab and drove over to the mud bath. Entrance was around $6/person and included 20 minutes in the mud bath, 30 minutes in the mineral water jacuzzi, and unlimited time in the pools and waterfalls. Before the mud bath we got food at one of the restaurants inside and then we were off.

It was a very cool and relaxing experience but I’m not sure if my skin is any softer. We took some good pictures on Shosh’s disposable camera so I don’t have them to show you but it was definitely a cool and different experience.

Thap ba spa


After the mudbath we showered and went to dinner at a restaurant called lanterns. Yes, they had a lot of hanging lanterns and the food was delicious while being sort of a novelty. Tamir and I shared a coconut filled with chicken and David got a pineapple boat filled with beef. We had high ambitions for the rest of the night but ended up just going back and falling asleep, perfectly reasonable considering the long night into day we had just had.

2016-07-14 17.26.03

2016-07-14 17.26.36


Tomorrow we snorkel.

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