Sunset Kayaking on Lake Nicaragua

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We mostly hung around for the day and relaxed just soaking in the awesome atmosphere that was around us at the eco lodge. The tone was very mellow and in general the other guests were just spending their time reading or resting in the hammocks or out by the lake.

The two volcanoes on Ometepe

The two volcanoes on Ometepe

In the morning we ate breakfast tacos and then went for a swim in the lake. The water was refreshing and pretty warm and the lake was very shallow.

In the middle of the day a vegetable truck drove by (which only passes by twice a week) and we decided to get some veggies and cook ourselves lunch in the guest kitchen. They have a kitchen they use for the restaurant but right next to it is a guest kitchen which guests are free to use anytime. We bought potatoes, beets, green peppers, tomato, onion, and cilantro to make ourselves a stir fry of sorts. Those were the vegetables available on the truck, not a large selection, but we were excited nonetheless. The veggies cost us about $3 total and we had plenty to eat and then some.

After cooking our little meal we headed out to sunset kayaking on Lake Nicaragua. The sunset is supposed to be beautiful especially during rainy season and we were excited to kayak and watch the sunset over the lake.


The beginning of the kayaking was so amazing. The view of the volcano from the lake was super clear and our guide said she had never seen the volcano that visibly. We stopped along the cliffs of the shore and watched monkeys swinging from branches and pelicans sitting on large rocks in the water. Zev and I jumped out of our kayak and went for a swim in the very calm waters a good distance from the shore.

While the water was lovely, it turns out we went a little too far out with our guide and getting back was pretty stressful. It started to get dark very quickly and we were still very far from where we needed to dock the kayaks. The waves also changed on us as soon as the sun had set and it felt more like white water rafting than kayaking. Our guide kayaked ahead (we were a little confused) and we just pushed through until we got back. I have a hard time seeing in the dark as it is and the impending darkness was definitely freaking me out. Zev had some emergency plans stowed away just in case we ended up being stranded on the lake in the dark but spoiler alert: we made it back!


The sunset was not that relaxing to watch in the end as we were more focused on kayaking back through heavy waves and darkness. One guest in our group ran back and got the night guard to bring out his flashlight so we could see where to dock. It was really helpful to have that light or else I’m sure we would not have known where to go.

Once back at the lodge we cooled down, examined our blisters, and got ourselves a drink as a congratulations. We had homemade pasta with a veggie sauce for dinner and then headed to bed after a bit of hanging out and reading.

The next morning I tried out the outdoor shower, we had breakfast there again, Zev went for a final swim, and we caught the bus (which only passes through three times a day) to take us off the island. We were enroute to Granada, the next stop in Nicaragua.

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