Flight and Arrival

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The day started off pretty interesting in New York city. I realized late on Friday night that I did not have my passport on me.

Where could it be? For those of you who know me, you know that is pretty atypical. I usually have all my things orderly and in their proper place. I knew exactly where my passport was, but I also knew it was not in my possession. I left it in my desk at work. So early on Saturday morning I went into my office to pick it up. On the way back home from a quick stop at JTS, of course, no downtown trains were running between 116th and 96th streets. The suggested route was to go up to 168 and then back downtown. If you arent from New York and you are reading this, just imagine taking a train north 40 blocks to then go south 100 blocks. I ended up taking an uber back to my apartment, ask David (brother) or Eva if you want to know more about how I acquired lots of free uber credit. Everything ended up working out really well and I headed off to the airport at around 12:30pm for my 5pm flight to Beijing (connecting to Bangkok).

I was hoping that not having my passport combined with train malfunctions would not be indicative of my time abroad but, alas, as I sit in an airport hotel in Beijing … it just might have been.

Our flight left on time from JFK but while in the air was delayed (insert lingo here about air traffic which I can’t begin to understand.) The flight was booked round trip to Bangkok through Air China and there were about 30 other people on the plane making my same connection. I didnt anticipate the layover being an issue because there were so many travelers on the same route and because both the flight from JFK to Beijing and the flight from Beijing to Bangkok were booked through Air China. They pretty much guarantee the connecting flight will wait for you in these situations … or at least that is what I was told.

In the end, we arrived in Beijing at around 7:00pm for a 7:30pm flight to Bangkok. We all missed our connection and were put up in a lovely airport hotel in Beijing. But more on that in the next post. For now, I am in China and happy (after all it is a lot closer to Thailand than New York).

As they say, tomorrow is a latter day.

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