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Tomorrow I am going to Thailand for two weeks! I am so excited and have not packed and am freaking out a little bit but it will be okay. I leave tomorrow from JFK and fly to Beijing and then to Bangkok. I land in Bangkok on Sunday night at around 11:30 p.m. If you are wondering what time that is in America, I have no idea. Google it.

The first night I will be staying by myself and relaxing, enjoying sunshine and warmth and such. It is also apparently the Songkran Festival when I arrive so I am really looking forward to that. I am sure you are all wondering what I am doing and who I am going with and where I am staying and what I am wearing and what my favorite color is and if Kevin Costner is still by bodyguard and am I still waiting to exhale and Houston do you have a problem?

Well, I have answers. I am going with these two fine young men named Avi and Noam. See their photo below.


They are meeting me in Bangkok and then we are traveling north through Chiang Mai and then to Laos. They will continue on their journey through Vietnam and Cambodia but sadly, after Laos, I will have to trek back to the states. Noam and I are likely going to a seder the first night (Avi will still be en route). I really don’t have so many more answers for what lies ahead but I am going to be posting about our days here and attempting to chronicle the whole trip.

peace. love. and 20 hour flights.


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