Friendship is a Strong Word

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Today was mostly a day reserved for travel and not much happened in the way of activities. We are at the point where we have silly jokes like how whenever the boys don’t like something I do they called me “Lowra.” They say, uh-oh Lowra is back. I think they like to believe my alter ego is the stuff they dislike but mainly it is just because I was our tour guide one day and they started calling me, “Tour Guide Lowra.” They will randomly say things like, explain to us again why the queen built this house?

Avi and I joke that friendship is an overstatement. We will meet other travelers and start to discuss how we know each other and I will usually say something like ‘well friendship is a strong word.’ We are getting good at joking around with each other. Last night we bought three things of ice cream; one vanilla, one chocolate, and one chocolate chip. We passed them all around, ate each other’s and fought over the last bite while the other backpackers seemed to stare in awe. We have become shockingly close and we stick out from the others in that way. Some travelers look at us funny and ask, how do you know each other again? We eat each others food, sleep on each other, wrestle, laugh uncontrollably, and bicker like siblings.

The boys also decided we should speak in mostly Spanish instead of English which has really just turned into Spanglish which is just impossible to decipher at this point. None of us were sure of the word for “privilege” and Avi suggested we just say “privlego,” pronounced “priv-leh-ho.” We have been saying things like, “check your privelgo” when someone gets really out of hand with their first world problems. A good example is, ‘ugh this WiFi is so slow’ or ‘the air conditioning isn’t cold enough.’ Last night Avi decided to look up the real word for privilege and lo and behold it is… privilegio. We were so excited that the word we guessed was so close to the actual word you would have thought the circus came to town. It is the small moments which I think really make a trip.

We sat and played cards in a cafe by the river all day today until our bus left for Chiang Khong. Avi got super frustrated with me because I was taking too long to make certain moves in a game called pesoy. We are so used to one other now that nobody holds back how they feel. Noam just grunts loudly and stares me down as if he can’t comprehend what is happening.

We knew we would be driving for several hours so we charged our devices early on and got a good amount of food in our systems. The ride was nothing glamorous. We made friends with two Americans from Washington state and a couple of Israelis. All of us are slow boating it for the next couple of days together so I imagine I will have more stories and names with time.

We arrived in Chiang Khong around two in the morning after about eight hours of driving. It is just a small border town mainly filled with tourists passing through. I slept a lot in the car plus this hostel is not the most glamorous so I am just sort of awake for now. This was the first time I was split up from the boys because they shuffled us into rooms two by two, the four hours apart was pretty hard for me. I will update more about the boat and the subsequent trip into Laos when I get internet access.

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