Second Day in Ha Long Bay

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I slept a lot last night. I really want feeling well on the junk and was nauseous and dizzy the whole day pretty much. Today it has been way better. Either the many meds i took kicked in our my body is more accustomed to being at sea but either way I’m not complaining. I’m just happy to be feeling good again.

My FOMO was only mildly bad since I missed last night but it sounded like everyone was exhausted and jet lag was catching up with most people so I didn’t miss a lot. This morning we had breakfast on board and then took off to see some of the caves nearby. The caves are all made by the natural crashing of water over many many years. It was beautiful of course. I am amazed that each place we sail and each time we dock that it is still beautiful. I am expecting it to have some views which are just okay or not as nice but actually every time I look out the window I am amazed by the natural beauty.

After seeing caves we came back and packed up since we were getting off the boat in about an hour. We left the ship and then got in a van to go back to Hanoi. As part of the tour package we booked, we stopped at a water puppet show with the group. David had met someone who suggested we take time to see one. It is about what you would think from the name – puppets acting out valid traditional Vietnamese scenes in water. They ordinated many years ago and are a very typical tourist thing to see. The scenes they acted out had to do with fishermen catching fish and farmers in rice fields. It was very cute.

We then continued to Hanoi and got dropped off at the hostel we stayed at our first night in Hanoi. The hostel also helped us book our Sa Pa trip and although we aren’t staying there tonight, we are going to leave our big bags with them and take small day bags on our hike. The hike is supposed to be really beautiful and one of the main reasons for visiting Vietnam.

We are taking an overnight bus from Hanoi to Sa Pa tonight at around 10pm and are planning to arrive by 6am, Thursday morning. Once we get there we will meet our guide and start there hike which leads up to our home stay for the evening. We stay overnight there and the next day hike back to a bus which will bring us back to Hanoi. The plan is to leave around 4pm on Friday and arrive back by 10pm in Hanoi. We will sleep the night in Hanoi and then head out in there morning by plane to Hoi An.

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